Illinois is succeeding in passing smart new gun safety laws

HB 562 (2021)

  • Expands background checks to all gun sales
  • Invests $9 million in mental health funding for impacted communities

HB 2400 (2021)

  • Reform school active shooter drills to protect student mental health

HB 1092 (2022)

  • Creates an awareness program for “red flag” laws
  • Creates a training program for police to enforce gun restraining orders

HB 4383 (2022)

  • Bans sale and possession of “ghost guns”

HB 4729 (2022) Passed both houses, sent to Governor

  • Authorizes gun safety public awareness campaign, including safe storage, involving local police

HB 5193 (2022) Passed both houses, sent to Governor

  • Allows safety education in schools to include safe gun storage

SB 1966 “Fix the FOID” Act (2019) Passed House/awaiting Senate action 

  • Mandatory fingerprinting for all FOID applications and renewals
  • Universal background checks on all firearm transfers
  • Create a prohibited persons portal for FOID revocation information
  • Mandate enforcement of clear and present danger revocations

HB 3173 (2021) Passed House unanimously/awaiting Senate action 

  • Allows school districts to offer gun safety courses