State Rep. Terra Costa Howard introduces bill to review youth gun access

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New law would require reapplication when young FOID card holders turn 21

LOMBARD – State Rep. Terra Costa Howard has filed a new bill, HB 5796, that would require teen FOID card holders to reapply for the card when they turn 21.

“In the wake of the tragic Highland Park mass shooting on July 4, it was painfully clear that the young man who has been charged with this terrible crime was in turmoil and should never have been legally allowed to buy deadly assault weapons,” Costa Howard said. “By requiring young people to re-apply for their FOID (Firearm Owner’s Identification) cards when they turn 21, law enforcement will have a chance to review any reports of violence or other “red flag” events and respond appropriately.”

Earlier this month, Costa Howard convened a Gun Safety Town Hall in Glen Ellyn to share factual information about Illinois’ gun laws and to hear from residents about their concerns and ideas for commonsense gun legislation.

“Again and again, we see these heartbreaking crimes committed by young adults with a documented history of threatened and actual violence, including self-harm,” Costa Howard said. “Simply requiring young adults to re-apply for FOID cards after they turn 21 will create an opportunity to spot red flags and intervene to prevent tragedies.”

Costa Howard added: “I have voted for every bill that could help to reduce gun violence and save lives in Illinois – even when my support for reasonable gun laws has made me a target for extremist gun owners across the country. I believe that reasonable and responsible gun safety laws can save lives, and I will keep on standing up for every person’s right to go to a concert, play in parks, walk down the sidewalk, shop at the grocery store, send our kids to school, or cheer at a parade without fear of gun violence. It’s time to make our voices heard.”