Looking back over the past few months, I remain very proud of the bills that I personally sponsored and led to passage this session:


Expands the Family Medical Leave Act to make FMLA more accessible to hourly employees of our public schools, community colleges, and university systems


Amends the Children and Family Services Act to expand membership of the Direct Child Welfare Service Employee License Board


Updates the process for the allocation of Guardian Ad Litem Fees


Requires judges to appoint a special advocate to protect children’s best interests in all DCFS court cases throughout Illinois


Creates new protections for children who are leaving foster care and being reunited with their families


Empowers the court to extend temporary guardianship by 60 days before a permanent guardian is appointed


Makes additional units of local government eligible to receive certain tourism grants from the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.


Provides the right to confidentiality in voting for any survivor of human trafficking


Imposes a mandatory minimum prison term for possession of child pornography when the victim is a family member or lives in the offender's household


Authorizes state's attorneys to receive records of unfounded investigative reports of child abuse or neglect in certain juvenile court proceedings, including records related to the child's family or household members

I am very proud of the work that my colleagues and I did on all of these bills, and I look forward to seeing them all signed into law by Governor Pritzker.

Key legislation for which Representative Terra Costa was the Chief Sponsor and was passed.


Amends confidentiality for victims of the Domestic Violence Act. Applies to victims of sexual assault and stalking, entitling them to protects of privacy.


Amends Illinois State Waste Management Act. Provides the policy to set up a comprehensive understanding of statewide programs for solid waste management that would better the quality of air, water, and land resources. This management plan would update every five years.


Requires hotels and motels to train employees to recognize signs of human trafficking and to report to the proper authority. Required training would be created by the Department of Labor.


Modifies how a county recorder determines if a lien is an expired lien under a county’s demand. Provides that if a lien has not been commenced and no counterclaim has been filed by the lien holder in two years it has expired. The two year period can be increased to the extent provisions of the United States Bankruptcy Code stays a suit or counterclaim, or if a work completion date is not specified, then the work completion date is the date of recording of the mechanics lien.


Amends the Open Operations Act by removing language that repeals the act on January 21, 2021.


Updates the language of the Native American Employment Plan Act.